Maximizing Returns with UMA

UMA has made a name for itself over the past year — rising into the top ranks as one of the leading DeFi protocols and synthetic issuers. But while UMA’s protocol has become increasingly used to mint synthetic assets, yield dollars, and STONKS, UMA — the…

A Look at Harvest FARM Token.

Harvest Finance is an investment platform designed to help its users maximize their Yield Farming profits. The platform consists of a series of vaults, which are essentially automated strategies that can be changed to optimize returns. …

Understanding Flash Loan Attacks, and How They Happen

Earlier this year, DeFi protocol Aave released a new feature called “flash loans” that have taken arbitrage opportunities to the next level. Many in the community were unaware of the power that flash loans have to manipulate markets and were shocked to…

What the DVM is, and How You Can Participate

What are Oracles?

Blockchain oracles are specialized services that provide smart contracts with information outside of the blockchain world. As such, they are the connection point that give blockchains inputs on real world events, non-crypto asset prices, and so on. This…


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